"The first capital of modern Greece"

In more modern times, Aegina was briefly the first “capital” of modern Greece from 1827 – 1829.

Thankfully not a victim of mass tourism, this island is the perfect destination for any traveler.

Finish your day as you started by doing as the Greeks do and enjoy a late dinner in one of the fantastic tavernas. Salad, fresh fish, grilled meat….

The most famous landmark in Aegina is the Temple of Aphaia, which is considered the oldest survivor of all Greek temples. It, the Pantheon in Athens and the Temple of Poseidon in Sunion form the so called “Sacred triangle of Antiquity”.

If you love history, on Aegina you can visit also the sanctuary of Apollo, “St. Nektarios” monastery (one of the biggest on the Balkan peninsula), the Archeological, Historical and folklore museums.