​“The island of flavors”

Sifnos is a small island in the Cyclades archipelago. It has beautiful sandy beaches, both organized and secluded, diverting night life, unique traditional architecture and more than 200 churches scattered around the island.

The island is not a major tourist destination although it is known for offering the best and tastiest food in the Cyclades. If you choose to include Sifnos in your sailing route do not miss the opportunity to taste some of the mouthwatering local specialties: chicken pea balls, Mastelo – lamb cooked in spices and red wine, cream cheese Manoura, the honey pies and Amigdalota sweets.

Another thing Sifnos is famous for is its pottery. The island’s clayey soil and warm weather has resulted in the development of the art back in the early Cycladic period. Many pottery workshops and bazaars can be found throughout the whole island, offering beautiful and exquisite ceramics for domestic or decorative use.

For the lovers of water sports, Sifnos offers excellent diving locations. It seems that the island has it all, so do not miss the opportunity to explore it for yourselves and pamper your senses.