"Every moment is picture worthy"

Everything on Zakynthos will amaze you again and again: colors, nature, architecture and the step-up structure of the city. The whitewashed walls with majestic arches and pink flowers are a representation of the beautiful sunsets experienced at this magical place.

Every moment is picture worthy; every color starts with "z" - "Zakynthos- red", "Zakynthos-green", "Zakynthos-blue"...

The island is not very big (the distance south to north is around 50 km), but it is rich in beaches. The eastern part of Zakynthos is the most inhabited one, despite its mountainous landscape. On the south coast is where most of the sandy beaches are situated.

The west side of the island is the less inhabited one and has only a few beaches, one of which is Navagio – the most famous beach on Zakynthos, the one you see a picture of on every website or add of the island, as well as in all the lists of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. Navagio, also known as the Shipwrecked beach, is a small bay, surrounded by high cliffs and accessible only by sea. Nearby are situated the magnificent Blue caves, which are another major tourist attraction on the island.

Besides the Navagio beach, the Blue caves and the Sea Park, other interesting places to visit on Zakynthos are:

The Keri caves and the lighthouse on Marathias cape;

Cape Skinari - the northernmost point of the island, accessible by car via a narrow road;

The Venetian fortress, located in the Mpohali area over Zakynthos town, which offers a stunning view of the town, especially at night;

Porto Limnionas, a narrow channel in the rocks with sea caves;

The Taverns over the Kampi village on the west coast, famous for its astonishing views of the setting sun.