„The Big Blue“

Amorgos is the last island to the East of the Cyclades island group and it borders with the neighboring Dodecanese archipelago.

The island is one of the most spectacular islands of the Cyclades, offering astonishing views over the Archipelago, due to its considerable height above sea level. Besides that, Amorgos has marvelous azure water beaches, ideal spots for diving, wondrous caves and is covered by ancient footpaths connecting the villages throughout the island, an inheritance from the long cultural history and tradition.

In the center of the island, surrounded by rocky hills is situated one of the most picturesque places of the Cyclades – the maze like town Hora. It is a magical place with traditional Cycladic houses hiding under the shades of Bougainvillea trees and narrow nestling whitewashed alleys. While in Hora one must visit the 13th century castle and the scenic monasteries.

Most of the beaches on Amorgos are secluded and are reachable on foot or by boat. The island offers extraordinary experiences to the lovers of diving, having at their disposal numerous underwater caves.

An interesting fact about Amorgos is that the island hosted the shooting of the 1988 movie “The Big Blue” with Jean Reno. Liveros bay and Ayia Anna beach were the main sets of the film.