"A travel back in time"

The ethereal peace in Kythira seems as if the time itself stands still. Sugar-cube design houses, small streets and rustic beauty combine to give the illusion of travelling back in time.

From the picturesque Milopotamo you can reach the waterfalls and if you like to take a walk – walk across the Nerayda falls, to the mills, to the next waterfalls and cool off in the icy waters that flow between the sycamores. Few kilometers away from Milopotamo is located the St. Sofia cave where according to the legend is the body of the Saint is found. Inside the cave you can enjoy the beauty of the variously shaded stalactites and stalagmites.

Take a walk in Potamos, located on the Northern part of the island, where at night you can enjoy life music performances. Do not miss passing by Karavas and visit the Amir Ali spings, and enjoy a coffee in the picturesque café.

You must stop at Avlemonas, a peaceful and scenic harbor with small restaurants and visit the Hutra Island after 4 pm, when the sun shines through the caves and you can take a dive and enjoy the underwater scenery.