„Escape destination“

Kea, also known as Gia or Tzia, Zea, is an island located in the Aegean Sea. Although Kea belongs to the Cyclades group, its architecture and landscape has little similarities to the other islands of the group. Kea’s architecture has more earthly colors that perfectly match the wild, mountainous landscape of the island.

The island is mostly famous among the Athenians, who use it as a weekend getaway destination and tourists are rarely seen there.

Holidays in Kea are a truly relaxing experience. The island offers crystal beach waters, lovely seaside villages, fantastic views and most of all privacy and isolation.

However, Kea offers much more. It is one of the best and most exciting scuba diving destinations with excellent visibility, water temperatures from 20 to 26 degrees Celsius, rich marine life, awesome wall, cavern and wreck diving. The highlight for recreational divers is the wreck of the unique wheeler steamshipPatriswhich sank in 1868. More experienced divers can explore the famous wreck of the HMHS Britannic, sister ship of the Titanic, the recently discovered SS Burdigala wreck and the sunken remains of a 180 meters long German ocean liner, sunk in 1916.