"Transparent beaches and majestic pine and olive trees"

Paxos is part of a little group of islands in the Ionian Sea, called Paxi or Paxoi. The island is located 14 km south of Corfu and about 20 km east to the mainland. Paxos covers an area of 19 sq. km. and can only be reached by sea which is why it was able to protect itself from the strain of modern tourism.

At the north end of the island is located Lekka, a spectacular bay and a preferred spot for an overnight stay with the boat. Logos is the place on Paxos where you can find a lot of taverns and bars around the harbor.

The architecture on Paxos has a significant Venice influence due to the latter having ruled the island throughout its history. The sights of limitless blue water, disappearing in the transparent beaches and the majestic pine and olive trees will fill your dreams long after you come back to reality.