"Thermal springs and volcanic rocks"

Kimolos is a small and calm island in the Cyclades, located close to the popular island of Milos. It is famous for its thermal springs, volcanic rocks, astonishing beaches with thin sand or pebbles and crystal clear waters. The island is the perfect place for a secluded vacation and relaxation, away from crowds and noises.

All activities on Kimolos are concentrated around the port and the capital village Méssa Kástro, built around a 17th century castle. The island has preserved its marvelous nature – vines, fig and myrtle trees, reeds and bright reptiles. Some of the most beautiful beaches on Kimolos are: Prassa, Ayioklima, Therma, Kastro, Kalamitsi.

The north uninhabited part of the island has its own landmark- “Skiadi”, a natural sculpture that resembles a gigantic mushroom.