"Antiquity and surfing"

Paros is situated in the central Aegean Sea. It is a perfect example of the typical Cycladic architecture style - whitewash walls, flat roofs, blue-painted doors and window shutters, shadowed by luxuriant vines and surrounded by orange and pomegranate trees. Besides its architecture and gardens, the island is also known for its magnificent beaches, wonderful windsurfing conditions and nightlife.

The capital, Parikia, is quite a picturesque sight. Above the seafront road soar the remains of a medieval castle, built almost entirely of the marble remains of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo. Numerous traces of antiquity can be found in Parikia - churches and chapels, inscriptions, bas-reliefs, columns.

Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are the most famous beaches on Paros. The constant strong wind makes them a favored windsurfing and kitesurfing location.