"Beaches for every taste"

Although Serifos is a small island it has many beaches for every taste. You can find beautiful beaches all around the island even next to the Port. Most of the beaches on Serifos Island are easily accessible but there are some that you can only approach via dirt roads after some walking or only by boat. But despite the difficulties of access you will encounter some of these beaches on Serifos Island all worth a visit, as they are truly magnificent.

Besides the 72 magnificent beaches, Serifos offers numerous unique attractions: hikes and mountain biking; diving close to the old mines (Megalo Livadi) or the wrecks of Kalo Ambeli; unforgettable sunset at St. Konstantino, the most beautiful church on the island; visit Taksiarhon, a fort-monastery from 16th century with windows-observation points and yellow staircases.